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Recruitment + Retention Work Hand in Hand

PARAGON Global CRS offers a unique service specifically designed for clinical studies where patient recruitment can be an issue due to logistics.

Pediatric or Orphan compound studies often face an uphill battle to find and recruit patients who meet screening criteria. After recruiting participants, studies face the challenge of retaining them. Participants can – and oftentimes do – live long distances from an Investigator Site. From the perspective of participants, the travel requirements are a burden. Add to that the complication of trials that need or require participants to have caregivers for surgical visits, and suddenly you have a logistics problem.

Finding patients can at times be easier than retaining them, especially when the core of a clinical trial is maintaining strict protocol requirements.

Oftentimes, simply getting a participant to an appointment can seem like a time-consuming and expensive afterthought. Because of our experience in the clinical research support, Paragon International is capable of providing everything that your patients need for safe travel, secure and comfortable accommodation, and quick expense reimbursement. Regardless of whether they require travel, accommodation, ambulance charter, aircraft charter or special care and assistance, we have the experience to deal with it.

Our in-house travel consultants are highly experienced and will ensure that your patients receive excellent travel assistance, professionally and hassle free, while maintaining complete confidentiality. We will remind patients when they are due for a site visit and make sure that they have everything they need every time. PARAGON Global CRS has over 20 years’ experience in providing solutions to reduce the burden of logistical complications for CROs. Let us take care of the logistics so that you can take care of the clinical trial.

If you have any questions about our travel and reimbursement services, please contact us directly at 910-772-1599 or



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