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Patient Support Services: Delivered by Paragon Global CRS

Travel is essential for the success of clinical drug trials. No company understands this more than PARAGON Global CRS. For 22 years, we have been providing global logistics support for clinical research. We’ve dedicated ourselves to mapping how to contribute to the success of clinical trials by understanding participant constraints and meeting their needs.

We help participants secure transportation to clinical sites and mediate potential financial burdens that they may experience, reducing withdrawal rates and enhancing the participant’s overall experience. Our full staff of Care Coordinators are available to promptly answer questions, explain the importance of their participation, and respond to each participant’s needs on a one-on-one basis.

We help CRO’s ensure the overall success of clinical drug trials because we have built our business around services that foster participant-centric trial support. We focus on providing Care Communication to achieve superior results.

ANTIDOTE Software and Service-First Technologies

Now, we have translated our expertise and our commitment to good outcomes into a secure software platform for CROs. The ANTIDOTE Platform was developed to help CROs coordinate patient travel, expense reimbursement, and stipend management. Our services support CROs in their quest to find cures by ensuring participant enrollment and retention.

The ANTIDOTE Platform is a service-first technology that we provide to our clinical research partners along with one-on-one participant and site support. Our real experts help participants get to their appointments and personally walk them through the more complicated parts of drug trials, like stipend management and expense reimbursement.

ANTIDOTE is a service-first platform designed to coordinate travel for participants in clinical drug trials. Our software is backed by over 20 years’ experience in patient logistics and supported by the staff at PARAGON Global CRS. With the ANTIDOTE Platform, you can expect:

Superior Patient Care. Our cloud-based platform and express service hotline support patient needs 24/7. Expertise Backed by Experience. We built our software to match real-world needs. One-on-One Service. Our experienced and trained support staff work for you. Global Presence. No matter where you are, so are we.

Across the World and Around the Clock

Paragon Global CRS has been in the business of moving people for over 20 years. We know how difficult it can be for pharmaceutical companies to find and recruit participants for pediatric and orphan compound studies. It is oftentimes difficult and time consuming to help participants travel to investigator sites, especially when many of them require specialized support services.

ANTIDOTE operates around the clock, allowing coordination between clinical sites, participants, and researchers around the world. Schedule appointments, request reimbursements, and view real-time data 24/7.

We specialize in providing comprehensive global support for clinical research, and our proprietary Antidote software platform helps bring together researchers, participants and logistics experts, no matter the obstacle. Our software supports 10 languages and services ranging from local transfer services to international air travel. Our team of highly specialized and cost-effective travel consultants offer live support for the following services:

  • Local transportation and air service assistance

  • Road and air ambulance charters

  • Patient expense management and reimbursement

  • Hotel accommodation booking

Our software and service packages are completely confidential and fully compliant with HIPAA, the FDA, and MHRA.

Connect with us on Linkedin to stay up to date on our latest projects and services.

We are happy to provide a list of references or schedule a time to discuss our experience in a variety of therapeutic classes, including rare disease and pediatric studies. Send a message to for more information.



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