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Investigator Meetings: Delivered by Paragon Global CRS

Investigator meetings are critical for pharmaceutical and life sciences companies. Bringing together healthcare professionals from around the world is a unique challenge, let alone coordinating the training on how to participate in the clinical trials that will move their drugs and devices forward. Add to that the challenge of recruiting participants for a study and maintaining them on a protocol. At every step in the process of drug and device development there is the possibility of inadvertently creating confusion and decreasing compliance simply as a result of communication failures. Paragon Global CRS specializes in eliminating those communication gaps by providing services that focus on cost-effective ways to ensure compliance and consistency.

Since 1995, we have specialized in total event production for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries, producing highly successful meetings and events worldwide. From Chicago to Tel Aviv, Sydney to Bangalore, whether it’s getting international visas issued or organizing shipping with foreign customs officials, our teams have the expertise and local knowledge to ensure that your program goes seamlessly.

We believe in a Service-First Approach that Combines Support Technologies with Live Support

We believe that clinical trials are only as strong as the relationships between participants, sites, and researchers. At PARAGON Global CRS, our job is to build the bonds that guarantee great outcomes. That’s why we have painstakingly designed software solutions to coordinate pharmaceutical meetings and study-specific needs for participants in clinical drug trials. Our software offers superior service and participant care built to match real-world needs, and it’s fully supported by the Paragon Team.

Our Suite of Software and Service Offerings Are Designed to Ensure Your Success

Our goal is to leave you and your team with peace of mind during your meeting, creating a completely worry-free environment. Paragon has proven, time and time again, that our team produces a safe, compliant and comfortable environment for your critical face-to-face meetings so that you can focus on what truly matters.

Before the Meeting: Sourcing, Negotiations, and Material Development We put our entire team to work for you—venue sourcing, negotiating hotel contracts, arranging transportation and planning for food & beverage services. Our A/V team designs your website, invitations, and meeting materials.

During the Meeting: Setup, Registration, and Event Management We make sure that the venue is setup for success—arranging meeting and banquet rooms with your materials and signage. We monitor transportation, staff and manage the registration desk, and oversee all special events, whether on or off-site.

After the Meeting: Evaluation, Packing, and Departure When your meeting ends, we’re still hard at work—packing meeting materials and arranging for shipping and departure. We provide budget analysis and attendee evaluations. And we don’t leave until we ensure that everyone has made it home safely.

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