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Increase Your Participant Satisfaction

Phase III Clinical Trials bring together stakeholders from clinical research and sponsor organizations to physicians and coordinators. Oftentimes, it’s difficult for participants to know who they can turn to with questions about reimbursements, travel, and other concerns. Paragon Global CRS is a clinical research support company with the mission to help participants navigate trials. Most often, we coordinate clinical trials travel and reimbursement services, but did you know that we also help participants with translation and interpretation services, housing, appointment reminders, and general support?

We are a full-service support staff for clinical research organizations, and what we pride ourselves on is how our services increase a participant’s overall satisfaction for the duration of a trial. Our Care Coordinators work directly with participants, CROs, and Sites – effortlessly managing the complex communications necessary to ensure that participants get to their appointments and experience no unnecessary hardships along the way.

Not only do we have the feedback to prove it, but we’ve doubled down on our commitment in 2018 by designing and launching an application to help participants and sites communicate directly with us. The ANTIDOTE application was launched earlier this year. It coordinates travel and reimbursement requests, allowing sites and participants to easily request and confirm services as well as manage their reimbursement request filings. All requests come directly to our team of Care Coordinators who can book travel and process reimbursement filings through our system, automatically alerting participants and sites when travel is booked and payments are processed.

The ANTIDOTE application is a reflection of our commitment to patient-centric clinical trials, and it’s just one of the ways that we work every day to ensure that your research is successful. If you’d like more information on the ANTIDOTE application, please contact Paragon Global CRS directly, or check out our demo page to view a short clip on how sites can easily create accounts and manage participant services.



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