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A History of Our Clinical Research Patient and Site Support Services

In 1995, known as Paragon International, Inc., we began providing tailored meeting planning for sponsors and CROs who organize Investigator Meetings for doctors, researchers, and sites to gather and discuss clinical trial preparation. For 25 years, we have supported pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations through informed, attentive service in meeting and event planning, expanding to virtual events and digital offerings in the early 2000s. At that time, we expanded our offerings to include clinical research patient support based on feedback from CROs and sponsors, Project Managers, and site personnel.

Through our partner research, we observed an early need for non-clinical patient support services in clinical trials. The same site leaders who required detailed travel support and assurance that they can travel to and from a study meeting essentially “worry-free”, saw opportunities for their study participants to benefit from our services. Research at this time encouraged early adoption of patient-focused strategies to improve clinical trial engagement and in 2010 we provided transportation, monitoring, and security for 400+ study patients in one of the first of many trials we would support in the coming years.

In the last five years, our name has evolved to Paragon Global CRS. CRS or “Clinical Research Support” was chosen to reflect the full scope and scale of non-clinical solutions available for sites and sponsors. From travel expense reimbursement to booking management for hotels or full relocation, we work with sponsors and CROs to tailor site solutions and patient logistics to the study goals and participant needs. Our European Headquarters (Rotterdam, Netherlands) opened in 2016 to further support studies with international and geographically diverse patient populations, providing local support worldwide.

We prioritize the participant experience in clinical research. Whether the focus is on stakeholders when planning a meeting or preparing for the first-enrolled patient’s site visit: we assess the challenges your participants might face and use responsive, informed logistics strategies to meet your organizational goals. Paragon recognizes the critical role of clinical research on global health. Strict study timelines can create urgency and burden that can impact participant experience. Providing participants and study personnel with convenient, accessible support without compromising service or engagement; we focus on solutions that are practical for the real-world of clinical research, no matter where in the world your study is taking place.

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We are happy to provide a list of references or schedule a time to discuss our experience in a variety of therapeutic classes, including rare disease and pediatric studies. Send a message to for more information.



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