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Looking Ahead: Planning COVID Secure Meetings

As pharmaceutical companies around the world roll out effective COVID-19 vaccines, the hospitality sector is planning for the inevitable surge of the Meeting and Events industry.

The message is clear throughout the venues sector, “As always, the safety and wellbeing of our guests, employees, and visitors is our top priority.” While there is no new message here, all hotels have put in place best practices to align with global health guidance. How an organization approaches and elevates risk management in what has been deemed “the new normal” will help build resilience and agility for the future.

Major hotels and venues have released statements outlining their commitment to safety, with procedures in place ranging from heat sensors to complimentary COVID-19 testing on properties.

Fairmont Austin recently accommodated a biotech conference with assigned seating, encouraging attendees to limit their various surface exposure and reduce surface contamination. The hotel used colored bracelets to display peoples’ confidence by being approached so attendees could clearly navigate a networking setting. With socially distanced

dining, guests used a tabletop light when they needed assistance from a waitperson, which was also an indication that table members had all put on suitable masks before the staff approached.

Hotels have also made accommodations for the presenter and attendees’ needs. For groups with back-to-back presenters, hotels can set up two stages so one is being cleaned while the other is used in production, keeping your meeting on schedule. Venues have also organized branded plastic pouches enabling attendees to keep their phones and mask from touching any table surfaces when they put them down.

For added assurance, guests at Montage International properties automatically receive one-month access to One Medical, a digital and primary care organization that can provide all-hours virtual support.

Confidence is high within Hospitality

Meeting and Events professionals are looking forward to planning Covid safe face-to-face events in the future, that are healthy and secure for all attendees. Where industry guidance can provide useful insight and tools for success, local laws and regulations should take precedent in your international event and travel planning. Sources such as the World Health Organization’s Coronavirus Dashboard serve as a great starting point for planning a potential face-to-face event.

List of COVID-19 Statements: Hotels

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