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Your Event Management Plan:One Project, One Team

Universal event management team

Meeting planning is a detailed process, balancing logistics with your goals for the attendee experience. Your event management plan will include lodging and hotel bookings, a variety of potential travel accommodations, audio-visual and presentation services, F&B, and more… We, of course, suggest hiring a certified meeting professional to achieve your event goals and encourage considering a vendor/partner with exceptional service support. A “good” event management company will provide a five-star attendee experience; a great event management team will provide a five-star planning experience.

What if circumstances require a quick change to your event plan? When the unexpected happens, flexibility is key from your meeting planner.

Can I quickly switch my event management plan to a virtual meeting from an in-person format?

With the wrong event management company, you may find yourself having to start the planning process all over again, with a new team.

We provide a universal event management team to create an exceptional attendee and sponsor experience. With over a decade of virtual and hybrid event planning experience, Paragon’s in-house AV team was able to assist with keeping our clients’ clinical trials moving and the event planning team was able to keep delegate registration/communication and event execution in full flow and limiting the impact faced by the clients.

With restrictions on a global scale fluctuating continuously, “where do we go from here?” is the question we are asked most.

There are 3 event management plan options during current pandemic restrictions:

  1. Face-To-Face

    • As venues, local authorities and governments relax rules we will see a move back to in-person meetings. We anticipate that venue dates in major cities will book in high volume possibly affecting organizational schedules. Our clients continue to practice an optimistic caution for scheduling these events.

  1. Hybrid

    • Still an in-person meeting but with a virtual element to include those who are unable to make the meeting. This option has allowed for many regions experiencing stricter travel policies in response to local outbreaks to attend previously scheduled and upcoming events. This option allows the greatest planning flexibility when the in-person attendance status for the majority of your attendees is unknown.

  1. Virtual

    • A fully online event. While there are options for self-hosted virtual meetings, we highly suggest utilizing an experienced virtual event manager.

One Project, One Team means that we are uniquely positioned to offer the opportunity for you to engage with one team for your project’s needs. We can provide a quote for your face-to-face meeting and seamlessly transition to hybrid or fully virtual without the need to engage new vendors or switch project managers.

We have combined certified meeting professionals with experienced in-house audio-visual, design, travel support, and concierge professionals to provide the pharmaceutical industry with white-glove meeting services.

Paragon Global CRS has a long history of event management for the pharmaceutical industry.

“Paragon more than exceeds expectations for event planning”

With client feedback like this fuelling our passion for making the client happy, we have successfully executed investigator meetings, ad boards, incentives, pharma events, and more in over 100 countries.



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